New chairperson for NWU Human Rights Committee

29 Jun 2015 2 min read Employment Alert Article

The North-West University (NWU) recently appointed Ms Mohsina Chenia, one of our firm's Employment practice directors, as the new chairperson of NWU Human Rights Committee chairperson.

Mohsina believes that her extensive and exciting career in law, allows her to fully appreciate the NWU Human Rights Committee’s function as an independent human rights body.

Mohsina believes that being altruistic in nature and having an underlying respect for everyone is essential for someone who has other people’s human rights at heart. "Such a person is someone who believes that rights should be applied equally to all members of the community."

Mohsina's role as the committee's chairperson is fourfold: "I have to respectfully ensure that members of the NWU are able to understand and enjoy their human rights, and secondly, I have to protect the groups and individuals of the institution against human rights abuses. Thirdly, it is my responsibility to take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights." The fourth aspect of her work as chairperson is to educate. "It is essential to create an awareness of human rights and all it entails."

Mohsina is convinced that the NWU Human Rights Committee has the teeth to really make a difference if someone needs help concerning the infringement of human rights at the institution. "The committee cannot and should not exist without the ability to adequately resolve disputes or grievances of any magnitude."

We wish Mohsina all the very best in her role as chairperson.

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