Our Industrials, Manufacturing & Trade team

is strategically positioned to provide clients with support to navigate international, regional and domestic policy and legal nuances to tap into the African market.

Industrials, Manufacturing & Trade

At CDH we partner with you through the entire life cycle of your business or investment, including:

• Transaction & Corporate Structuring
• Risk Advisory
• Competition Law
• Finance & Banking
• Regulatory, Legal and Compliance Assessments of Operating Conditions
• Environmental & Climate Change
• Health & Safety
• Product Liability
• Construction & Engineering
• Employment Law
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Local Content & Public Procurement
• Tax & Exchange Control
• Litigation & Judicial Reviews
• Dispute Resolution
• Arbitration and Mediation (whether commercial or investment)

Industrials & Manufacturing

In addition to the traditional manufacturing sectors we service, CDH is a firm focused on ensuring businesses are equipped to navigate the evolving nature of established industries and the new industries emerging from these established industries. 

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African government's are taking the transition to a green economy seriously, with South Africa releasing the Auto Green Paper on the Advancement of New Energy Vehicles in South Africa. These types of policies intend to establish a clear foundation that will enable African countries to co-ordinate a long-term strategies that will position Africa at the forefront of advanced vehicle and vehicle component manufacturing, complemented by a consumption leg, and increase Africa’s competitiveness in the global race to transition from the internal combustion engine era into electro-mobility solutions and technologies.

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The hydrogen economy is a potential “game changer” not just for South Africa and Africa, but for the world at large. South Africa is well positioned to capitalise on the rapidly-developing global hydrogen economy, to reindustrialise the country and to become an exporter of hydrogen to the world.

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Robotics & Automation

The production processes in various sectors of the economy are becoming more autonomised, spanning a whole value chain from components to systems, solutions and services. The use of robotics and the digitization of the production ecosystem have brought about a rise in smart factories, mines and foundaries.

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Getting goods or services to the African market requires you to navigate the policy, regulatory and legal framework of a particular host state or sometimes several host states, including relevant bilateral and multilateral agreements between states. From the outset of an investment decision, CDH provides expert advice and guidance on all aspects of the transaction at the outset of an investment decision in a host state, CDH advises and provides guidance to your business on all aspects of your transaction (risk mitigation measures, investment/transaction structuring, optimization of investment/trade incentives/benefits), including post transactional issues/disputes relating your investment or trade in goods or services.

Our expertise spans the entire value chain of your investment or trade relationship within a host state. #FromFactoryToPort #FromPortToConsumer

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Ranked Practitioner

  • Jackwell Feris is a recipient of The Africa's 50 Most promising Young Arbitration Practitioner 2020 Award. He is recognised by The Association of Young Arbitrators (AYA) as an expert Arbitration Practitioner who is passionate about the growth and development of International Investment and Commercial Arbitration in Africa.