29 October 2021 CDH Alert

Kieti Law moves to new office space

On Monday, 11 October 2021 Kieti Law (CDH Kenya) moved to its new offices, in Merchant Square, Riverside Drive, Nairobi, Kenya.

According to CDH’s CEO Brent Williams, “our partnership and new office opening are noteworthy milestones, and a confirmation that our relationship is a genuine commitment to all our clients in Kenya, the wider East African region, as well as South Africa, as we have significant business operations across these territories. Working as one firm for most of this year has allowed us to successfully merge our respective strengths and expertise for the benefit of clients.

“Together with CDH, we have been able offer a greater depth of service and legal expertise to our local clients, whilst providing pan-African advisory for those with a wider interest in the continent, said Kieti’s Managing Partner, Sammy Ndolo. “We are thrilled to be so seamlessly entrenched into the unique office space and culture as CDH Kenya,” continued Ndolo.

The office space in Merchant Square is fully equipped with the basics as well as a full-service physical and electronic research library, and boardrooms equipped with modern conferencing technologies to facilitate virtual and in-person engagements. In addition, the office is structured to enable an “activity-based working” system as well as, private workspaces to encourage work-from-office should employees need the space, whilst acknowledging the reality of a hybrid working future. The workspace has been designed to accommodate all COVID-19 protocols, so to ensure the safety of CDH Kenya’s staff and clients.

The overarching goal is to provide seamless legal services to businesses in the East of Africa. Through this office we aim to create valuable outputs for our clients, that harness the vast opportunities within that region and the rest of Africa,” concluded Brent.

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