Niger is a large landlocked country of 1.27 million square kilometers.

Niger's Economy

The cherished asset of Niger State is its fertile land, however, the potential is yet to be fully explored. The climate and availability of a wide variety of mineral and agricultural resources also attests to the economic potentials of the State. Some natural and mineral resources found in the Niger include talc, gold, ball clays, silica, sand, marble, copper, iron, felsper, lead, kaolin, casserole, columbite, mica, quartzite and limestone.


  • Allan Reid¬†advised major clients with regard to compliance and mineral issues on mines in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Niger, Mozambique, Chad and the DRC.
  • Allan Reid¬†represented Signet Mining Services Ltd in its acquisition of the mining and property assets of Brinkley Mining plc in Niger through a corporate acquisition.

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