Anti-Corruption Law in Africa: the five legal trends your business needs to anticipate.

There is an African proverb that states, “Greed loses what it has gained.” Greed in the form of corruption has eaten away at African societies for years and has become unfairly synonymous with the continent, its leaders and people. Corruption has indeed been rife throughout the continent, often with the active acquiescence of Western and other foreign entities.

13 Sep 2022 1 min read Article

At a glance

  • Corruption has long plagued African societies and has been associated with the continent, its leaders, and its people. However, anti-corruption initiatives have gained momentum in recent years, with positive developments and precedents emerging.
  • According to Tara O'Connor of Africa Risk Consulting (ARC), significant progress is being made in anti-corruption efforts across Africa, setting notable precedents.
  • This report aims to highlight the key factors and trends driving the surge in anti-corruption laws in African countries. The complexities and diverse challenges of corruption in each nation must be acknowledged, but discernible trends are emerging in how African countries are addressing corruption through legal measures, institutions, and judicial precedents.

However, anti-corruption initiatives have taken hold in many African countries, with something akin to a wave of them in just the last few years. There is even much to be positive about, according to some analysts. Tara O’Connor of Africa Risk Consulting (ARC), for example, is of that opinion, believing that, “Incredible precedents are being set across Africa in anti-corruption”.

The intent of this report is to outline the leading factors or trends that are shaping the surge in anti-corruption laws in many African countries. The five trends discussed here are necessarily driven by myriad root causes and impulses, each in turn determined by the specific and unique contexts of different African countries. And those unique attributes of each African nation cited in this paper must be stressed. The realities and challenges regarding corruption are as complex and diverse as the continent itself. Nevertheless, there are factors arising that show discernible trends in the way that African countries are singularly and collectively tackling corruption with laws, legal institutions and judicial precedents.

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