Unemployment Insurance Fund Introduces e-Compliance Certificate Online System

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has embraced technology and has adapted to the digital era. On 1 February 2021, the UIF, launched its online system called the “Electronic Compliance Certificate” (e-Compliance Certificate) system. This new e-Compliance Certificate system is a free online service which completely replaces the manual application process for compliance certificates and enables employers, entrepreneurs, small businesses or tax practitioners to apply for compliance documents online and validate the authenticity of compliance certificates.

19 Apr 2021 2 min read Employment Law Alert Article

At a glance

  • The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has introduced an online system called the "Electronic Compliance Certificate" (e-Compliance Certificate) to replace the manual application process for compliance certificates.
  • The e-Compliance Certificate system offers benefits such as faster issuance of certificates, elimination of errors and fraud, improved employer compliance, and enhanced authenticity of compliance certificates.
  • The system also allows for easier debt collection, cost reduction, and enables faster submission of applications for business opportunities, including government tenders.

There are two pieces of legislation which govern the UIF - the Unemployment Insurance Act 63 of 2001 and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act 4 of 2004. Employers are obligated by these Acts to register with the UIF, submit declarations of employees and make monthly contributions to the UIF.

According to the UIF the benefits of the e-Compliance system include:

  • improved turnaround times where certificates were previously issued in 10 working days, they are now issued within minutes;
  • the digital system has eliminated human errors and fraudulent activities;
  • improved employer compliance with UIF legislation regarding declarations and contribution of its employees; and
  • improved authenticity of the compliance certificates produced.

The system also aims to improve debt collection, reduction of costs associated with printing and photocopying. It allows clients to generate a duplicate certificate in the event that the client loses the original certificate.

Furthermore, the system also enables entrepreneurs and companies to submit applications for potential business opportunities much faster, including government tenders. A UIF certificate is usually required when doing business with the government.

In this regard, the UIF e-Compliance Certificate system has paved the way for an expeditious and cost effective compliance process in the digital era.

To apply for a UIF Compliance Certificate, small businesses, companies and entrepreneurs must register on the system using their UIF reference number. The system will immediately, generate a Compliance Certificate, which may be printed, in the event that the applicant is fully compliant. If the applicant is not compliant, the system will generate a non-compliance letter with reasons for the said rejection. The website may be easily accessible at uifcompliance.labour.gov.za or www.labour.gov.za and applicants are to click “UIF e-Compliance Certificate” under the “online systems” tab to register and apply.

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