The prohibition or restriction of prospecting or mining within the buffer zone of the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site

22 Sep 2014 2 min read Mining and Minerals Alert Article

The Minister of Mineral Resources has in the Government Gazette, No 38004 of 12 September 2014, in terms of s49(1) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, No 28 of 2002 (as amended), having regard to the national interest to protect the sensitive environment of areas within the buffer zone of the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site, issued a notice of his intention:

  • to restrict the granting of any mining right to the extent that the mining action, activity or process concerned must first be modified in such a manner that there shall be no physical impact whatsoever on the surface of the land; and
  • that no further applications for prospecting rights or mining permits will be granted in respect of the following farms in the Limpopo Province –

Krone 104 MS, Edmonsburg 32 MS, Bouwlust 175 MS, Ratho 1 MS, Machete 29 MS, Hartjesveld 174 MS, Breslau 2 MS, Flora 64 MS, Koningsrnark 117 MS, Parma 5 MS, Hackthorne 30 MS, Rosslynlee 172 MS, Montrow 6 MS, Luna 61 MS, Giesendam 173 MS, Vergenoegd 7 MS, Oriental 60 MS, Bruntsfield 202 MS, Koedoeskop 8 MS, Faure 33 MS, Sharlee 170 MS, Somerville 9 MS, Hartbeestfontein 35 MS, Goeree 168 MS, Princess Royal 10 MS, Janberry 44 MS, Erfrust 123 MS, Pont Drift 12 MS, La Reve 39 MS, Weipe 47 MS, Modena 13 MS, Cerberus 38 MS, Dunsapie 169 MS, Balerno 18 MS, Sardinia 43 MS, Zonsbeek 167 MS, Arcadia 74 MS, Hamilton 41 MS, Landbou 171 MS, Donkin 72 MS, Coila 58 MS, Lizzulea 62 MS, Evangelina 71 MS, Glen Avon 57 MS, Athens 31 MS, Halcyon 21 MS, Schietfontein 55 MS, Alyth 118 MS, Regina 67 MS, Kongo 53 MS, Newmark 121 MS, Melisande 67 MS, Lucca 54 MS, Hilda 23 MS, Kilsyth 42 MS, Anglican 24 MS, Horison 56 MS, Blyklip 25 MS, D'Eresby 52 MS,Patricia 164 MS, Kilgour 176 MS.

Any stakeholder, interested and affected parties may submit written representations by 13 October 2014 (30 days from date of notice) to the Minister on the proposed prohibition or restrictions, addressed to the Regional Manager, Limpopo Region, Department of Mineral Resources.

Should you require any assistance with representation relating to the proposed prohibitions and restrictions, do not hesitate to contact Jackwell Feris on +27 (0)11 562 1825.

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