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10 April 2023 marked 100 years since the Woman Legal Practitioners Act 7 of 1923 was promulgated. The Act contained a single section, which reads: “Women shall be entitled to be admitted to practice and to be enrolled as advocates, attorneys, notaries public or conveyancers in any province of the Union, subject to the same terms and conditions as apply to men…”. As we commemorate 100 years of women in law, we bring you insightful episodes of the CDH Women Empowerment podcast series. This is where several members of our firm discuss the importance of women empowerment in the legal profession.



19 Jul 2023 4 min read Podcast Series Article

Tendai Jangara speaks on women empowerment, corporate investigations, and more

Tendai Jangara, Director in our Dispute Resolution practice and Head of our Corporate & White-Collar Investigations sector, joined CDH Conversations for another episode of the CDH Women Empowerment podcast series. In this conversation, we delve into her journey as a lawyer, the significance of corporate and white-collar investigations in South Africa, evolving trends in corporate crime, and the unique challenges faced in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Tendai shares her insights on advancing women's careers in the legal world, her sources of inspiration, and offers invaluable advice for individuals and businesses seeking protection against corporate and white-collar crimes.

Plus, get to know Tendai on a personal level as she discusses her hobbies, current reading list, and favourite shows to stream.

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Exploring the Trusts & Estates Practice

Director and Head of the Trusts & Estates Practice Gretchen Barkhuizen-Barbosa, together with Senior Associate Emily West, joined CDH Conversations where they unpack the range of services the Trusts & Estates practice offers.

They speak about unique challenges and triumphs faced by women in the legal profession. They also delve into the personal and professional values that helped shape their careers.   

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CDH Conversations | Tiffany Gray and Roxanne Webster

In this episode of the CDH Women Empowerment Podcast Series Tiffany Gray and Roxanne Webster, Directors in our Dispute Resolution Practice share their personal experiences and explain how they have overcome obstacles, balanced work and life, and achieved their goals.

This podcast kicks off Women's Month, as we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in all fields. Women have been leaders, innovators, and changemakers throughout history, and continue to inspire us with their courage, creativity, and resilience. Let us honour their legacy and support their empowerment in our society.

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Belinda Scriba unpacks maritime law

Belinda Scriba, a Director in our Dispute Resolution practice and Business Rescue, Restructuring, and Insolvency sector joined CDH Conversations and delved into her expertise in maritime law, its significance in global trade, and the unique challenges it presents.

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Balancing the scale of gender in dispute resolution and the legal sector

In episode two of our CDH Women Empowerment podcast series we speak with Lucinde Rhoodie, a Director in our Dispute Resolution practice. Lucinde delves into balancing the scale of gender in dispute resolution and the legal industry. 

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Women empowerment through impact litigation

CDH's Pro Bono and Human Rights practice Director Brigitta Mangale and Senior Associate Elgene Roos joined CDH Conversations to discuss the impactful litigation CDH's Pro Bono and Human Rights practice is involved in, as well as litigation brought by other organisations, which speaks directly to the continued vulnerability of women and the impact restrictive legislation can have on their lives.

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Women's Month Series | Megan Rodgers 

Head of our Oil & Gas sector, Megan Rodgers joined CDH Conversation as part of our Women's Month series. Megan shares her journey to becoming a lawyer and specialising in the oil and gas space.

"Be your authentic self, stay focused and be clear about your goals" says Megan. 

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Women's Month Series | Elgene Roos 

Elgene Roos, Senior Associate in our Pro Bono & Human Rights practice talks about how an administrative error in her university application led to the best mistake to ever happen. She goes on to say that her experience at the Legal Resources Centre shaped the kind of lawyer she is today, and this was where her passion for public interest litigation grew.

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Roxanne Webster talks about the IWIRC and the Give a Future Foundation 

Roxanne Webster, Director in the Business Rescue, Restructuring & Insolvency Sector talks about her directorship in the International Women's Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC), and the Give a Future Foundation which is a non-profit foundation that she founded.

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Tiffany Gray

Tiffany Gray, Director in our Dispute Resolution practice recently joined CDH Conversations.  Tiffany discusses her career, areas of specialisation and her involvement in each. We further delve into her recent promotion and events that have shaped her into the person she is today

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