Kirsty started her career as a Candidate Attorney at Victor and Partners Attorneys before joining the Standard Bank Financial Consultancy as a Financial Advisor. In 2012 she started her own practice as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public until joining the Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr as a Professional Support Lawyer in 2021.

  • Nationwide transfer of commercial and residential properties
  • Establishment of new townships
  • Consolidations and subdivisions
  • Drafting of antenuptial contracts.
  • Legal authentication of documents.
  • Transfer and registration of various personal and praedial servitudes
  • Drafting and updating of specialized contracts, including M&A, non-disclosure agreements, sales and purchase agreements, movable bonds, JV, company MOI and various business agreements. International and Domestic clients.
  • Drafting and review of Trusts and Wills and Legal advisory for Estate Planning.
  • Deceased Estates


  • LLB, University of South Africa (UNISA)
  • Year of admission as an attorney: 2009
  • Year of admission as a Notary Public: 2012
  • Year of admission as a Conveyancer: 2013
  • Enrolled with the Legal Practice Council
Mortgage Bonds 101 for first time buyers
12 December 2022 Real Estate Law

Mortgage Bonds 101 for first time buyers

Join Real Estate Law practice Associate Suné Kruger, and Professional Support Lawyer Kirsty de Sousa, as they talk about mortgage bonds, explaining the purpose of bonds and the procedure that one needs to go through to register a mortgage bond.

The long term lease
13 June 2022 Real Estate Law

The long term lease

Kirsty de Sousa conducts an insightful conversation with Real Estate Law expert, John Webber where he answers a few questions and helps explain what a long-term lease is, how it is created, the ability to finance such acquisition and the general expectation of lessees in such a property developments.

Servitudes Explained
5 April 2022 Real Estate Law

Servitudes Explained

An insightful talk where a seasoned real estate attorney explains servitudes as a whole and further provides insight into the different kinds of servitudes, how they are created, when they may be cancelled and how such cancellation occurs. As well as a little extra bit on cell phone towers and how such rights are created allowing companies to erect such towers on a property

Compliance Certificates – Where, What, When & Why
15 February 2022 Real Estate Law

Compliance Certificates – Where, What, When & Why

CDH Real Estate Law experts conduct a quick conversation answering the often-asked questions about the many compliance certificates required from sellers of immovable property. These include the Electrical Compliance certificates, Electric Fence Compliance certificates, Plumbing Compliance certificates, Gas Compliance certificates, as well as the Entomologist Compliance certificate, better known as a Beetle Compliance certificate. The podcast will unpack when and where the compliance certificates are required, as well as their validity period.

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