Sean joined CDH in 2015 as a Candidate Attorney. Sean was retained as an Associate in our Employment Practice in 2017 and was promoted to Senior Associate in 2019. Sean has experience in all labour related matters and continues to advise clients in various sectors.

Sean has experience with urgent applications to interdict unprotected strikes, unlawful picketing and breach of restraints of trade in the mining, chemical, steel, local government and road freight industries. He has also advised clients on business transfers, essential services disputes; retrenchment proceedings and other employment related matters. He has chaired and prosecuted various disciplinary hearings on a wide range of employment related disputes. Sean frequently appears at the CCMA and has experience arguing urgent applications, review applications and interlocutory applications in the Labour Court.


  • BA Law, University of Pretoria
  • LLB, University of Pretoria
  • Year admitted as an attorney: 2017
The loss of jobs to foreign nationals
22 July 2020 Employment Law

The loss of jobs to foreign nationals

Sean Jamieson, Senior Associate in the Employment practice joined The Talking Point with Cathy Mohlahlana on SA FM. He discussed the loss of jobs to foreign nationals, recent unrest in the road freight industry and the balancing act with introducing regulations to ensure that there is equitable distribution of jobs.

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