Alternative legal solutions,
in partnership with Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

As the world innovates, workplaces are evolving but human capital remains the driver of growth.

Colab is a platform for an alternative way of working, hiring, delivering and receiving legal services, or pursuing a legal career. Are you looking for interesting, short and medium-term projects or resources? Are you seeking diversity in workplaces and spaces? Do you need flexibility in resourcing?.

Whether you are a company looking for world-class legal support or a lawyer seeking variety and flexibility in how you engage with the world of work, Colab is the platform of choice. Backed by a quality promise, Colab offers flexible resourcing in real-time on an "as needed" basis.

Join Colab

If you are looking for flexible, project based, high-level challenging assignments, apply to join the Colab platform by sending a CV and any relevant supporting documentation to Our team will process the application which may include a technical assessment and an interview with a panel of attorneys. Once the process has been undertaken, you will be added to our 'bench' and be part of one of the most exciting legal services offerings in the country.

Why Colab

Things have changed. Many lawyers want to practice law but not be full-time in-house counsel or professionals within a law firm. Colab allows you to determine when you work and in what services and sectors. Join a growing trend of self-directed, independent consultants globally who are finding huge satisfaction in project based legal work.

How does it work?

Colab does not employ you. You do not sign any exclusivity with Colab. Once you have been added to our 'bench' or resources, and we place you based on your needs and interests, expertly matched with client's requirements. Your rates will be determined based on your market value, experience and client need. This rate will vary on different assignments and based on requirements. Colab invoices the client and you invoice Colab.

Use Colab

If you are a company or in-house legal team looking to augment your resources on a short term, flexible basis, please send us your requirements via email on with details of your needs. We will match these requirements with our dynamic panel of lawyers who are best able to deliver to specification and budget.

Why would a company use Colab?

Things have changed. Headcount is valuable and more companies are seeing the value of utilising project-based skills and resources. Bringing in experts for a shorter period without having to pay the fees associated with high-level consulting houses. Many lawyers want to practice law but not be full-time in-house counsel or professionals within a law firm. Colab enables both the lawyer as supplier and company or client as consumer, to determine the terms and the duration of the assignment based on current requirements. Join a growing trend of companies benefitting from short term, project based, on-demand legal services.

How does it work?

You submit your requirements and scope to us via email at Please provide as much detail as possible, such as the nature of the project, level of expertise required, hours, dates etc and we will match these requirements with our dynamic bench of flexible and highly skilled resources. Once the resource has been agreed, we will sign a short-term engagement agreement and will invoice you on a monthly or as agreed basis. Rates will be determined based on your need, the type of project and the level of expertise required.

For more information, please contact us.