The Comoros

Situated in the Indian Ocean, northwest of Mayotte and Madagascar, the archipelago of the Comoros is made up of three islands:  Ngazidja (or Grand Comore), Mohéli, and Anjouan.

The Comoros' Economy

After being absent from the political scene for 10 years, Azali Assoumani won the most recent presidential elections in 2016. With a stable political context, the Government has introduced a series of fiscal and structural reforms. Economic growth is expected to increase slightly owing to transfers from the diaspora and public investment in infrastructure that supports domestic demand. An improved electricity supply and expanded access to telecommunications services also support private sector activities, with the launch of the second global telecommunications license and the introduction of a second operator on the market. Opportunities to develop the private sector exist in the Comoros. The hotel and air transport sectors are particularly attractive to investors.

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